Cleanse Chicago

Reopening after Covid

Dear Cleanse Chicago Clients,

Greetings! We hope our customers and their families are staying healthy and safe amid the Covid-19 pandemic and civil unrest. We are looking forward to serving our community once again, and are pleased to announce that our official re-open date is Wednesday, June 10th.

We have implemented stricter safety guidelines at Cleanse Chicago. Although we do not congregate as those in salons and spas, we still need to be mindful during our one on one sessions. For those of you who are nervous about returning, we have the open system as an option, which is completely self-administered and does not required assistance from a therapist. If you have possibly been exposed to someone with Covid-19, please do not make an appointment until after your 2-week self-quarantine is complete.

All of those entering our space will be required to wear a face mask at all times, wash your hands upon entering, touchless temperature check, and we also have hand sanitizer for your use at check-in. We will be staggering appointments, so there will be no cross-over of clients in-between sessions. Please do not bring people with you during your sessions as we must practice social distancing responsibly for the sake of our employees as well as our clients.

The last 2.5 months have been a struggle for all of us, emotionally, physically and economically. We are offering a few incentives for making appointments and helping Cleanse Chicago keep the wheels moving financially. We were not able to receive financial assistance or loans during the shut-down.

  • Schedule and Pay for 2 individual colonic sessions in June and receive a free 50ml Lift + Firm Sculpting Cream for Face & Neck by Beverly Hills MD or 15ml of Christina’s Facial Oil and 25mg CBD Bath Bomb for free – value of $45 while supplies last.
  • Schedule and Pay for 3 individual colonic sessions in June and receive a free 50ml Multi-Action Sculpting Cream by City Beauty or 30ml of Christina’s Facial Oil and 25mg CBD Bath Bomb for free – value $67 while supplies last.
  • All Vedic Astrology reports are 50% off during the month of June. Vedic Astrology focuses on your moon sign as it is believed to be more predictive than sun charts. We can assess compatibilities for work and love partners as well as Gem remedies. Please e-mail or call with your full name at birth, date of birth, exact time of birth and place of birth with your payment to: or 312-664-5886

These incentives to support Cleanse Chicago are for the whole month of June 2020, and only while supplies last. We will be offering different specials in July.

I am grateful to those who have called to checked on us during the shut-down. Every concerned phone call I received was beyond heartfelt and encouraged me to keep going. I realize that the relationships we have built during our one on one sessions have foraged great friendships and bonding over the 20 plus years I’ve been committed to teach people about colon health. I am sad that someone thought it was necessary to report us to the city as non-essential. To that person, I hope you never have to suffer an impaction that sends you to the ER. I prefer to focus on those that love and appreciate what we do, and recognize our desire to help others.

All of the modalities we provide at Cleanse Chicago are intended to build and keep our immune systems strong. Far-Infrared saunas have been medically indicated for immune therapy and killing viruses and bacteria. Cleansing the colon not only clears out toxins, but also helps to retrain your colon’s muscle function. I could go on, but I don’t want to preach to the choir, I only want to remind you that we are here and ready to make you feel better after putting on the quarantine 15#. We have needed comfort during this stressful time, and many of us, myself included, have not been making the best meal choices. Now is the time to turn that around.

The health of our clients and community remain our top priority. Please help us keep Cleanse Chicago busy, but also safe. We appreciate your continued support of our small business and look forward to serving you again very soon.

With love and gratitude, Christina Pfeifer
Cleanse Chicago

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