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Christina PfeiferCleanse Chicago’s mission is to educate consumers and to promote balanced colon health with the use of colon irrigation. The purpose of colon hydrotherapy is to reduce accumulated fecal burdens, stimulate efficient colon function as well as re-educate the body while improving the digestive process as a whole.

Once this balance has been achieved, we expand our clients’ knowledge about proper nutritional support in order to maintain and obtain optimal colon health as well as enhance each and every individual’s sense of well-being.
Colon Hydrotherapist Christina Pfeifer has brought health and healing to thousands of her clients since 1996. Applying her experience and a BS in Psychology, as well as a MS in Sociology, Christina has created a wellness program in her practice that fully incorporates the essence of the mind, body connection.

As an active member of I-ACT, Christina continually expands her education in the field of functional, preventive, Ayurvedic based care. She has earned her 4th level certification as a certified instructor of colon hydrotherapy. In 2001, Christina established, Colon Care Hydrotherapy School of Chicago, the only certification school in Chicago that teaches students the operation of both the Open and Closed systems in colon-hydrotherapy. Christina’s contention is to offer her clients a choice in their sessions and believes it is the responsibility of the therapist to be familiar with both systems.

Spring 2015 Christina is moving her office from River North to the West Loop/Fulton Market area. Christina and her other highly trained technicians counsel clients personally, one on one. Using a multi-systems history and questionnaire, Cleanse Chicago’s certified therapists develop recommended protocols specific to each individual’s needs. Christina is well known for her travels to India to study Ayurveda. Intertwining Colon Hydrotherapy and Ayurveda has brought a new depth to healing for the benefit of thousands in the Chicagoland area for nearly 20 years.


Christina Pfeifer, Tina Barbieri, Christina Czuj and Milan Holister – Certified Colon Hyrdotherapists. www.coloncareinc.com

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