If you are looking for a place to get a colonic, this is the place for you. Especially if you are a little nervous about getting one for the first time.They offer both open and closed systems, including the Jimmy John III. Christina is great with her clients and really cares about your well being.
Plan on spending about $100 for the initial consultation, and then $90 for each additional visit. However they have packages for 5 and 10 sessions, that in the past they have let you share with a friend, and that can bring the cost down to about $75 a session.

Mandee M. – Chicago, IL

Dear Christina:
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the life changing experiences your services have provided me with over the past seven months. When I first came to you, I suffered from constipation and an addiction to Senna/Sennocot developed over many years.

First, the dietary guidlines and colonics you administer are in a wonderfully warm, healing and comfortable setting with caring people and I believe them to be a regular part of any person wanting to optimize their heath. Your expert abdominal pressure techniques have provided me with what I believe are maximum benefits in addition to your limitless knowledge in assisting me with several natural remedies for other health issues I have discussed with you. The sesame oil infusions have become a regular way of life for me and combined with your Colonics, my system is functioning regularly in addition to more energy and youthful looking skin.

It would be very easy for these services to feel uncomfortable, yet you and your staff have an amazing way of making me feel naturally at ease. I feel fortunate to have discovered your services and believe that I have found a true partner in my health in addition to a friend.

All the Best,
Denise G. Evanston, IL

After a series of two colonics I started having regular bowel movements on my own. I have struggled with chronic constipation for over fifteen years so these small victories are awesome. The staff @Cleanse Chicago are all amazing and caring. I’m glad I found them!

TB – Chicago, IL

Christina changed my life, in a positive way of course. She is very nice and gentle. She is not only performing the colonic service but also educating her customers. What I have learned from her changed me a lot-my habits, my daily activities and my health in general, and it makes me happy everyday. The colonic not only helped me lose weight, but also maintain my weight after the first procedure. And now after the third one, I continue to see benefits, especially taking probiotics and enzymes daily. With every single day, I see and value the results. It really helps and it really works. Everyone should try it, because everyone deserves to live in good health.
I highly recommend and appreciate the services of Cleanse Chicago and especially Christina’s. The whole team is nice and friendly.

Krasimira K. – Chicago, IL

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