We look forward to serving you in our new home
Moved to our new home in the West Loop/Fulton Market area. Come visit us and enjoy special loyalty discounts.

10-day Reset
Join our 10-Day digestive reset.75 –min digestive health workshop w/ Healthy Gut Smoothie demos.
Wednesday Sep 30th at 6:30 pm & Sat Oct 3 at 10:00 am

Cleanse Classes
Cleanse Chicago offers group Cleanse Classes every Spring and Fall
We supply you with everything you need for 28-days of detoxification and restoration! Includes Blessed Herbs Internal and Colon Cleansing Kits, 4 educational meetings and handouts/material, and all kitchen demos. Stay posted for upcoming dates!

5-day Reset
Want to do a cleanse but don’t have time to participate in a 28-day cleanse? Press your reset button with this 5-day mini cleanse. This easy and convenient Reset is safe to do anytime of the year.

Certification Courses
Colon Care Hydrotherapy School of Chicago offers a certification course on colon hydrotherapy. We are the only school in Chicago that allows you to learn both the open and closed systems. For more information, call to register 312-664-5886.

When: 8/25-8/28 and 11/17-11/20

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