Galvanic Treatment


Galvanic Microcurrent Treatment for Face or Body

galvanic armsThis is a revolutionary health and beauty service that is unique in that it reverses signs of aging and makes you look many years younger.       Immediate results within the 1st treatment are visible, depending on your individual needs a series of 6 – 12 treatments more or less to obtain   optimal results. Clients may have 1 – 2 treatments a week, with a 48 hour wait in between 2 treatments in the same week. Results are accumulative with every treatment , the more you do this treatment the better your results. Clients have excellent results similar to that of Botox, Restilin , and most fillers. The lips are also naturally plumped with the Galvanic Treatments. No injections or pain, all natural with cumulative results. Results can last more or less 1 – 2 years. Maintenance of 1 – 2 Treatment facials a month.

Microcurrent simulates your own body’s electrical impulses to stop, reduce and reverse signs of premature aging • Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles • Increases Collagen and Elastin • Improves Tone and Texture of the skin • Helps people that suffer from Fybro Myalgia •Improves Rosacea and Acne • TMJ relief • Non-invasive • Enhances total Health and Wellness • Anti-Aging technique • NO Risks • NO Side-Effects • NO Discomfort • NO Down-Time • NO cutting • NO toxic injections • NO Bruising • NO Chemicals • NO more premature aging!

Non-Surgical Face lifts are an innovative, non-invasive facial treatment. This procedure stimulates the facial area to re-educate the facial muscles to help tone and tighten the skin, giving the contour of the face a visible lift. This treatment can counteract the ravaging effects of sun damage, premature aging and poor dietary habits, without invasive surgery. Mild electrical vibration stimulates the many functions of the skin through the use of microcurrent. An assortment of nourishing, anti-aging and organic products is also used to revitalize and tone the skin. Microcurrent treatment reduces skin inflammation, reduces scarring and promotes tissue regeneration enhancing healing by 150% to 300%.

This non-invasive, non-surgical technique, using micro-current, also addresses local signs of aging such as sagging skin, sagging jowl area, dark circles, puffy eyes, droopy eyelids, red complexion, sun damaged skin, wrinkles, scars, and will get rid of double chin fat and puffy cheeks, leaving a sculpted look. Galvanic will use energy to draw out impurities and then infuse Anti-Aging Serums and collagen fillers deep into the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. Smokers and a person who has a lot of sun damage may require double the number of sessions. Younger clients require much less and often treat to be proactive. Non-surgical Facelifts will instantly take years off of your visage! Natural Non-Surgical Face Lifts are safe and have proven results!

Is there scientific evidence of the benefits of Microcurrent? Many researchers have proven that Microcurrent stimulation increases ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) resulting in improved cell metabolism, injury repair, and soft tissue cell regeneration. Specific research on micro current and skin by Dr. Chi (2003, U of Washington’ s Pathology Department) showed: 10% increase in collagen thickness in connective tissue, 35% increase in the number of blood vessels, 45% increase in number of elastin fibers in the dermis, 35% increase in blood     circulation in the tissues (improving the health, condition and color of the skin.


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