Chi Swing Machine


Do you want to release better during your colonic sessions? Try using the Chi Swing Master Machine for 15-minutes before your scheduled colonic.

The Swing Master offers a comfortable padded ankle  cradle, a variable speed control, and an automatic shut   off timer. The Swing Master can provide mental relaxation which improves concentration, calming of the mind, and provides relief from stress and tension throughout your entire body. For 15 minutes a day you can revitalize   your life energy – “Chi” – to leave you energized,  refreshed, and relaxed. As you position your body on the table with your ankles in the cradles, try to keep your body aligned as straight as possible. Let your arms rest at your sides or extend your arms above your head for a full-body stretch. Take deep breaths during the exercise and allow your mind to enter a relaxed or meditative state.

Your chi swing exercise machine can be used as a stand-alone treatment or to       augment the effects of other therapies. This passive form of exercise is an ideal  alternative to more strenuous movements that can exacerbate the symptoms of  patients with chronic illness or other physical conditions. The relaxing swing movement of the chi exercise machine sets the mind and body at ease. This movement extends the full length of the body, starting at the feet and moving up the spine to the head and neck. Just like more strenuous forms of aerobic exercise, the chi massager improves oxygen intake, energy levels, and the flow of circulation throughout the body.

Prepare to be amazed by the powerful benefits of this subtle, but effective form of   aerobic exercise!

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